GTA 4 Returns to Steam but Without Multiplayer and Online Leaderboards, in the New Version Gta 4: Complete Edition

Rockstar Games brings GTA 4 digitally to PC through Steam and other stores turning it into GTA 4: Complete Edition but without multiplayer and online leaderboards.

GTA 4 returns to Steam after its sudden removal of a few weeks ago in the new version GTA 4: Complete Edition, but it will do so with some changes applied, in particular with regard to those features that were closely connected to the Games for Windows Live infrastructure, no longer active for a long time, i.e. without multiplayer or online leaderboards.

GTA 4 and its DLC will, therefore, be available again today, March 19, 2020, in the PC version on Steam, in particular with the all-inclusive edition GTA 4: Complete Edition which includes the DLC Episodes from Liberty City, as the only version expected from now on. then on digital stores regarding the PC.

Fortunately, the bailouts will still be compatible with this new version, therefore there should be no problems for those who had previously purchased the game. However, some features are missing, which apparently Rockstar Games has not replaced since the removal of support for Games for Windows Live.

In particular, the multiplayer sector and online rankings are missing, as well as some changes made to radio stations. Anyone who previously owned GTA 4 in the digital PC version will now have access to GTA 4: Complete Edition, which will also replace the original version if it is already installed, through a mandatory update which will be made available in the next few hours. However, it seems that those who have not previously purchased the DLC do not have access to these contents anyway, which must be installed but still purchased separately, apparently.

Rockstar Games has also added the game to its proprietary Rockstar Games Launcher, which can therefore also be purchased from this source.

GTA 4 had been removed from Steam due to the decayed support for Games for Windows Live, the infrastructure on which the Rockstar Games game was based, which evidently had not yet been updated to avoid the problem in all these years, as did several other titles for PC.

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