Halo Infinite: Nerf Presents the New Blasters Inspired by the Microsoft Series


From Halo Infinite arrives new Nerf blasters inspired by the 343 Industries and Microsoft series, with three rifles that reproduce as many typical weapons of the game.

To deceive the wait for Halo Infinite we can meanwhile indulge in these excellent reproductions of some of the most famous weapons of the 343 Industries series produced by Nerf, with the new line of Blasters inspired by the world of Halo and currently comprising three models.

After the similar Overwatch- based initiative, we are faced with other iconic weapons, but always reworked according to the typical Nerf style. It is therefore not a question of weapons with a truly realistic style, as per the tradition of the brand in question, but this still allows you to pick up the shapes present in Halo in a rather credible way, with decidedly more bright colors.

As you can see in the images shown in the gallery below, it is the UNSC MA40 inspired by Halo Infinite, characterized by a ten-shot magazine and automatic action, activated by four batteries. The Nerf rifle in question costs 50 dollars on the American market and by purchasing it you also get a code to unlock a special skin in Halo Infinite.

Two other weapons are then arriving in the Microsoft line and they are two pistols: the first is the SPNKR, based on the homonymous UNSC weapon, single shot and on sale for 10 dollars, while the other is the iconic Covenant Needle Gun, or Needler, with the typical “alien” shape reproduced rather faithfully in this toy version. It is a pity that you don’t really shoot a rush of needles in pursuit but you also limit this to a single shot with the typical Nerf foam bullets, but you can’t have everything.

All three Nerf blasters in question will be available on the market starting October 1, 2020, therefore in time for the release of Halo Infinite, waiting to know the precise date that could also coincide with the launch of the Xbox Series X.