Jennifer Lopez opens her robe: Watch out for this! Exaggerated size! Her last photo


Jennifer Lopez returns to the eye of the hurricane after her performance at the Super Bowl break. As she published on her Instagram account, the Remixes album released 18 years ago reached the first position on the charts this week. And it is that after their performance with Shakira, both artists increased the sales of their works by almost 1000%.

The popular New York singer broke into the music world at the end of the 90s. And despite the fact that her life, like that of other artists, went through several ups and downs, she managed to remain one of the most prodigious voices worldwide

Jennifer Lopez boasts a great body

The  Bronx diva also stands out for its spectacular physical form. Despite her 50 years, JLo maintains a good sculptural figure.

Your thing costs you. Balanced and healthy eating and gym hours are not taken away from Jennifer. An effort that few are willing to follow closely. And so, when she has the chance, she boasts the results.

Exaggerated size

However, some point out that everything that shines in the American is not gold. And that her physique has had professional help. It has been commented on more than one occasion that the plastic surgeon has reached out to perfect her body. And that pulls Photoshop in an exaggerated way in the photos that hang on your Instagram account.

Something they argue showing celebrity photos like the one we share below. An image that a few hours ago has gone viral, in which Jennifer opens her robe and exposes her legs. Upper limbs that look larger than she usually shows on her Instagram account.

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