Look before they eliminate it! Miley Cyrus gets her bold button


Miley Cyrus hits Instagram with a photograph where her nipple is completely seen, what will this social network do about it?

In the last decade, an artist has been widely mentioned on multiple platforms due to her numerous scandals, either by selling an image that breaks taboos or by her depraved exhibitionism.

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Fittings with @themarcjacobs shot by @vijatm

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And if reading the above in your mind the name of Miley Cyrus was drawn, it is because we will effectively talk to you about it since the artist is a synonym for the word “controversial”, this because on multiple occasions she has not only It was the eye of the hurricane, but it is also the cause of the hurricane itself.

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genius design and execution ? @marcjacobs

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On the other hand, we already know the approach of rebellion that this artist imparts to her audience and although for many its content is very outrageous, others for their part appeal in favor of the fun or daring way in which Miley gives herself to the cameras.

Posting on her Instagram account, Miley Cyrus throughout 3 photographs suggests how daring she is since we can appreciate the artist parading in a fashion style suit in red heels and a low-cut shirt in which she shows and in view of all that is considered a taboo show in public.

Your nipple looks completely! And she does not seem to care in fact she published the photograph and wrote a little joke towards Instagram, without a doubt she has no limits.