Nintendo Switch, Another 18 Special Physical Edition Games From Super Rare Games


Super Rare Games is planning another 18 physical and limited edition games for Nintendo Switch, but not only, but there are also apparently other different projects as well.

Nintendo Switch is about to welcome another great send of special edition games on the physical medium from Super Rare Games, given that the company has recently claimed to have as many as 18 games in progress for the Nintendo console within their special productions.

Super Rare Games, similarly to Limited Run, offers reissues in physical format of various games, distributed on the market in limited editions. Usually, these are versions characterized by a rather rich and elegant appearance, with packaging featuring special illustrations or some attached bonuses, but they can also be simple physical editions of games that would otherwise be available only in digital format, dedicated to lovers of tradition.

The publishing house has already brought 26 games to the market, including the next physical edition of World of Goo, but apparently there are several still on the way. There is in fact talk of 18 games currently in production on the cartridge and with dedicated packaging, although there is not yet a precise list of what it is.

Super Rare Games has the characteristic of dedicating itself exclusively to Nintendo Switch, at least as seen in these first two years of its activity, but something could change in the near future, given that the spokesman George Perkins reported something “completely different ” arriving by the company.

“We have some secret projects in the works that could really elevate what we are doing to another level, so we hope to be able to reveal something more during the year! It should be something completely separate from what we have done so far and will diversify the offer of the company. ” It is, therefore, possible that Super Rare Games has the intention of dedicating itself to other platforms, or perhaps to other products other than the physical edition of digital video games.