No Man’s Sky, the Experimental Branch Update Introduces Strange and Mysterious Bio-Technological Ships


No Man’s Sky updates with the Experimental Branch Update on Steam and introduces strange and mysterious bio-technological ships among the contents, without mentioning them in the notes.

Hello, Games continues to expand the universe of No Man’s Sky with a truly commendable dedication, adding even rather strange elements, as demonstrated by the innovations introduced by the new Experimental Branch Update on Steam, which, however, does not officially mention the introduction of these mysterious additions such as biotechnological ships or something.

The team explained that owners of No Man’s Sky on Steam can activate the Experimental Branch simply by clicking with the right mouse button on No Man’s Sky in the Steam library, select “Properties” and activate the “Beta” tab, then enter the code “3xperimental”

The Experimental Branch was included in the game today and in the official notes of this update only a few changes to the interface, the game options and some mechanics of this are mentioned, as well as various corrections.

The sense of this update, however, is to experiment with new things and some decidedly strange novelties have already appeared and leaked online. In particular, several ships with a decidedly bizarre shape have been detected: it seems to be organisms, or in any case bio-technological structures that can be piloted around the universe of No Man’s Sky.

To add mystery to the whole, the Hello Games notes make no mention of these new game features and content, so we still don’t know exactly what it is. It is likely only the beginning of bizarre new introductions within No Man’s Sky, with developers who may want to experiment with various things within their space simulation.