OMG! Rihanna wears a mini lace bikini that lets her see her hairline


Rihanna is a consecrated artist, many years of experience in music and other sectors, make her one of the most influential women of the time.

What candy! Rihanna is without fear of being wrong, one of the most emblematic women of today, and one that has certainly not feared criticism and the consequences of change. 

With hundreds of controversial stories, Rihanna has forged a name and a reputation that precedes her, if any word comes to describe this impressive dark-skinned woman is avant-garde. 

For the singer all dates are important, and always attentive to all the people who love him, on the last Valentine’s Day with much love she showed himself this way. 


“How much Meat!” says one of the users, and clearly he is right. Rihanna in this photograph lets us see her intimate clothes that are infarct, and to finish off a red heart in the middle of her derriere that few men could resist. 

Posing erotically before the camera, Rihanna achieves a sensual and seductive effect, such as the effect that the photos in less than a week have leaked through much of the internet and its social networks.