Paradox Interactive Will Always Look for Alternative Distribution Methods to Steam


During the 2019 tax filing, Paradox Interactive said it will always look for alternative distribution methods to Steam.

During the presentation of the 2019 tax data, Paradox Interactive, by the voice of its CEO Ebba Ljungerd, said that it will always look for alternative distribution methods to Steam.

“We know that players’ behavior changes over time,” said Ljungerd. “This is why it is important for us to continue testing new distribution channels.” With these words, the study behind the various Stellaris and Europa Universalis IV has confirmed that it will continue to collaborate with many different partners, always looking for the economic model that best suits its needs.

Within the tax data report of 2019, a year full of successes both from an economic point of view and due to the growing popularity of the publisher, Ljungerd said that in 2020 the reference platform for games such as Crusader Kings 3Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2Empire of Sin (do you know that it has been postponed by Romero Games? ) will be Steam, but alternatives will also be sought.

The Swedish publisher can count on a proprietary store, but has also tried to collaborate with Microsoft by bringing Imperator: Rome, Stellaris and Crusader Kings 3 to Microsoft’s GamePass has brought Surviving the Aftermath to the Epic Games Store and has also attempted to propose all the DLCs of Europa Universalis IV in the form of a monthly subscription.

We must not, therefore, expect different behavior in the future, on the contrary, Paradox Interactive will probably also arrive from other parts: the important thing will be to expand the user base and earn more money. And Steam, at the moment, seems to be one of the least convenient showcases in the industry. But we wouldn’t expect more from strategy experts like the Swedish guys.