Persona 5 Royal Will Change Some Dialogues Considered Homophobic in the West


Persona 5 Royal will change some dialogues considered homophobic in the West. This was confirmed by Atlus Communications Manager Ari Advincula in a recent interview.

Persona 5 Royal will change some dialogues in the West. The enhanced version of Persona 5, in fact, will welcome several comments that arose with the original game and will use them to modify some dialogues considered homophobic.

Speaking with IGN during the recent press event, by the way, read the proof of Persona 5 Royale by Aligi Comadini, the Communications Manager of Atlus Ari Advincula has admitted that the publisher will speak on the western dialogues of Persona 5 Royal.

For the uninitiated, Persona 5 Royal is the revised, corrected and expanded version of Persona 5 arriving at the end of March on PlayStation 4. And if fans will fight, probably also on Nintendo Switch.

For this reason, some characters and some dialogues have already been assimilated by the western public. After the publication of P5, many found two rather improper characters due to the somewhat grotesque, aggressive and stereotyped way in which they showed their homosexuality.

To avoid further misunderstandings, Atlus has decided to rewrite part of those dialogues in order to better contextualize the situation and make those scenes less compromising. Advincula said that changing those dialogues was “very important to you and the community” and the arrival of Persona 5 Royal it was the right occasion to do it. Also because the game will be localized in Italian and other languages ​​in the hope of conquering an increasingly varied and broad audience.

In Japan, however, it seems that everything will remain unchanged, thus leaving us to think that for Atlus the problem is more in the sensitivity of the western public than in the actual quality of the dialogues.

What do you think of Atlus’ move? Did you notice this problem?