Pokémon Go: Tornadus in Today’s Legendary Time February 19, 2020


The appointment with the Pokémon GO Legendary Time is back: Tornadus invades the Raids today Wednesday 19 February 2020, we see the details.

Today February 19, 2020, is a Wednesday, and like all Wednesdays that respect Pokémon GO will host an event known as Legendary Time. For a specific time slot of the day, all gyms will host Tornadus: we see the details from Niantic Labs.

The Legendary Time of Pokémon GO, from the point of view of dates and times, will be held today February 19, 2020, from 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT+1). For these sixty minutes, each free Pokémon Gym will host Tornadus, which can thus be freely challenged by the players; Gyms already occupied by a raid at the start of the event will instead be excluded.

This is, therefore, the right opportunity to try to capture Tornadus, thus registering it in Unova’s PokéDex. In any case, the Legendary in question will remain in the Raids for a while longer, at least until the first days of March 2020. We remember that in the last hours Victini and many Pokémon of Unova have been added to the game files.