PS4, This Liquid Cooling System Is Perfect for Games With More Exuberant Graphics


This liquid cooling system for PS4 Pro is perfect for handling even the most exuberant graphics games.

This modified version of a PS4 Pro makes the Sony console suitable for silently supporting even the most graphically demanding games. Without considering that it is beautiful. If there is one thing that has often disturbed our most demanding gaming sessions with a PS4 Pro, it is the noise that many models produce under stress. A problem that has pushed more creative and more capable users to seek a solution to the problem. There are those who have tried to change the sink and those who have gone even further. The Youtuber JMAGG, for example, he was not satisfied with strengthening the already existing system, but he wanted to overdo it. Through a series of videos posted on his channel, he explained how to build a liquid cooling system for the Sony console.

Aside from the material needed for the construction (which exceeds $ 1000 in cost) and the manual skill that is essential to carry out the project, you will have to take into account that you can no longer keep all this well of God inside the old ” skin “of PlayStation 4 Pro.

In return, however, you will gain a nice color electric blue, which gives the car a futuristic look. This system makes the console’s cooling system damn effective while making it much quieter at the same time.

Both for the costs and for the space occupied, the PS5 will not be able to count on a similar cooling system, although the latest rumors say that the advanced cooling system is one of the rumors that are increasing the price of the PlayStation 5.