Scarlet Gruber was left shirtless and without a bra


Scarlet Gruber appeared on Instagram without a shirt and without a bra. The hot topless of the Venezuelan came to the network with an interesting message. “Human beings are made of water. We are not designed to hold together, but we run freely like oceans, like rivers. ”

Currently, the actress shines on Mexican television thanks to the production of Doctors, Lifeline where she shares credits with actress Libia Brito, Daniel Arenas, and Rodolfo Salas. 

The young television star is also remembered for stealing the hearts of many in Telemundo thanks to the soap opera “Tierra de Reyes”,  where she shared the screen with Kimberly Ramos and the actor Christian de la Campa, who is currently going through hard times and she seems to have decided to abandon her acting profession, after sharing a strong message on Twitter. While Ramos shines in the Univision competition, Look Who Dances All-Stars.