SpaceX Falcon 9 Misses Landing Target in Starlink Mission


The auxiliary rocket that SpaceX designed to use again was unable to land successfully this time and made a soft landing in the ocean.

SpaceX aims to open the internet from space as part of the Starlink project. With the Starlink project, users will be offered high-speed, broadband and low-cost internet. This internet connection is provided by Starlink satellites located on the earth orbit. A total of 240 Starlink satellites have been sent to date. On February 18, the fifth mission was launched and 60 satellites were launched into space. With this task, the number of satellites increases to 300.

SpaceX uses reusable Falcon 9 rockets in these space missions. When these auxiliary rockets can be reused, cost, fuel and time can be saved significantly. The company has done very important things in this regard, but it is the place where we say there was a glitch in the last task.

While the mission was running successfully, Falcon 9 assistant rockets were expected to land successfully on the “Of Course I Still Love You” drone, but it was not expected. On the landing, which will take place 8 minutes and 24 seconds after the start of the mission, the target was missed and a soft landing took place in the ocean.

As part of the Starlink mission, there is no problem launching new satellites. It is a minor misfortune that the booster rockets cannot land properly. We have seen SpaceX experienced similar problems before. The company appears to have made significant progress in the reuse time of rockets. The previous rocket was launched 63 days ago on December 16. When we look at the previous usage times, there is a 72-day interval.