The scandalous photo! from Ariana Grande from behind without padding or Photoshop!


Social networks are hallucinating with an image of Ariana Grande in a concert. Although the photo a priori should not leave the American singer who appears acting on her back spoiled, the truth is that the internet is quite cruel.

And is that Boca Raton is being accused of having a disproportionately large back, something that to the surprise of many is being the most commented things this week on Twitter.

In the image, we can see that Ariana Grande does not wear shoulder pads or is passed through photoshop, however, very large shoulders are appreciated, something that has not gone unnoticed.

The reason why she became an actress

Everyone knows that Ariana Grande had her first steps on television in the Nickelodeon Victorious series, where she became one of those protagonists who later switched to music as Miley Cyrus.

The reason she decided to try her fortune on television was for her love for the small screen, since she always confessed as a total fan of the series, with Gossip Girl being her favorite.

The problems of TV

That youth series reported many joys, but also some other problems that still drag as the fact that you should always wear pigtails due to the fragility of your scalp.

That was caused by the number of dyes that should be used to play the role of Cat Valentine, who was wearing red-tinted hair.