The stunning photo of Kim Kardashian in a thread bikini with nothing from Photoshop


Kim Kardashian has photos to bore you and that is why many times of old sessions appear unpublished photos from time to time. This week we were able to see one of those lost photographs on the reel that see the light late.

This time it is a 2017 image of a session that was very controversial because they accused Kim Kardashian of having cellulite and she said she did not have it, which was a product of photoshop.

However, this image without photoshop warns that as 90% of women the socialite also has cellulite. Although few will look at these characteristics to appreciate that bikini of yarn she is wearing.

The consequences

That controversy meant to Kim Kardashian a loss of thousands of followers at a time when she was the reference on Instagram worldwide. It is said that 10,000, although that was only the first day.

Later she could trace them, but those controversial statements did not leave the celebrity in a very good place, who trying to fix it spoiled everything a little more.

A new mess

It seems that Kim Kardashian did not sit well that her older sister Kourtney Kardashian decided to take a break in the family reality show and would not want to appear next season.

The socialite is very upset with her sister because she did not want to be recorded all the time, which meant that both Khloé and Kim had to give more details of their private life, and that is why they do not want Kourtney to disappear from the program. And for that, they will demand it if necessary …