This sliding TCL design blushes the folding, and after seeing it the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will seem like a thing of the past

That folding mobiles are the future of the industry and nobody denies it, but the truth is that its path is still starting with a market that still seeks needs to meet, and with different designs or form factors running as references.

Samsung’s tests, which already have two totally opposed iterations such as the Galaxy Fold and the most recent Galaxy Z Flip that we have already tested in first impressions rather than positive, are clear witnesses that the folding must mature although its potential is enormous, especially since here the limit is the imagination of the designers.

And in the search for this limit, it seems that TCL has passed the game of folding mobiles with an impressive design, worthy of more than a screenplay rather than a device that can be real in the short or medium term, with a design Unpublished slider to date.

An unprecedented folding mechanism based on a sliding system, and up to 6 cameras for a mobile that still seems more science fiction than something possible

A “normal” smartphone on the outside, but with a tablet that slides from inside…

It is not a new desire to enjoy the experience of a large screen in the size of a conventional mobile, but it seems that the paths to get there are different depending on who you ask.

For Samsung, the book format is ideal, with Huawei exploring the flexible screens that fold from the front around the smartphone’s chassis, and now TCL climbs a step with a sliding system that displays the screen from the inside, and that seems a quite complex build at least in the sense of giving solidity to the deployable part once opened.

In any case, it is not time to doubt the design but to delight with a very current smartphone appearance when it is closed, to which is added a flexible panel that curves at the right end to hide inside and allow its deployment in a Very attractive tablet format.

CNET colleagues say that it is not designed with more than one panel, but we are facing a single continuous flexible screen, without cuts or jumps, but that generates that curiosity of how the hell is going to hide inside the chassis together to a system that makes it rigid when open.

Knowing that the folds on itself could be detrimental to their durability and that needing several folds is not the best either, we assume that it would be kept circularly around a mechanism, but this is still science fiction for us and it costs me sincerely Imagine something like that.

What is clear is that the world of folding does not end in the hinges or in the shell or book formats, as this is still starting to get bigger with the successive tests and iterations of the different manufacturers, which will arrive safely in the next exercises … For now, we can only praise TCL for an idea that looks great!


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