Video: What a shame! Shakira can’t take it anymore and covers herself so they don’t see her


The famous singer Shakira captures the attention of all her fans by hiding in a cardboard box.

The Colombian singer Shakira is considered one of the most important and popular Latin American singers of this century and the previous one since she has been in the art world for almost 30 years.

The singer despite her great fame has been characterized as a simple, daring and humble woman because in 1997 she created the barefoot foundation in Colombia which is dedicated to helping the poorest children and victims of the conflict in the country South American.

The Colombian philanthropist earlier this month has placed on her Instagram account a video that has left all her fans amazed and curious because this time she is seen with a huge box on her head.

Shakira at the time of publishing the video wrote in the description the following “I have to be ingenious! … We must be recursive”, with the emojis of an umbrella and a cloud raining apparently the artist intended to cover the rain with the box.