What a figure! Watch Natti Natasha climbing. Her top overhangs!


The artist Natti Natasha has proven not only good for music, but also for physical activities.

The artist last Monday unveiled her new musical theme “Despacio”, which she brought together with important figures of the urban genre such as the famous singer Nicky Jam and Manuel Turizo.

Natti Natasha is a very active singer in her social networks and is constantly sharing updated information about her activities as an artist and as a woman. In addition to being very accommodating with their fans.

Natalia Carolina is the real name of the Dominican artist and today she is known for songs like “I will not cry”, “The best version of me”, “Who knows”, among many other successes.

The beautiful singer has proven not only good for singing, but also for physical activities such as climbing and has shown through a video on her Instagram account.