What do you do with your legs ?! Natti Natasha publishes the unthinkable and her fans go crazy


The beautiful Natti Natasha, uploaded a loud video because not even she noticed that she taught everything!

The Dominican singer Natti Natasha revealed the expectation originated by the premiere of her new album called ” Despacio “.

The beautiful artist offered small advances of her new single, thus increasing the emotions of her millions of followers, even chose to make a raffle for what many were encouraged to participate.

The female urban genre singer, in addition to possessing unparalleled beauty, has managed to achieve a record on the YouTube platform, adding more than two million views.

As can be seen in this video clip, where the beautiful Natti showed all her potential movement during the filming of the film, she also thanked for all the beautiful comments towards the new work that is coming! A whole genie!