Xbox Series X, Dedicated Hardware for Audio With a Probable Space System From Microsoft


Xbox Series X seems to have a hardware acceleration system dedicated to audio, probably related to the spatiality of sound, as emerges rather clearly from the description of a presentation at GDC 2020.

It seems that Xbox Series X is destined to contain a hardware acceleration system dedicated to console audio, with a probable surround-type space system that could be presented next month.

As reported by Wccftech, Microsoft organized a presentation for GDC 2020, precisely for March 18, focused on improvements in the audio systems. Rober Ridihalgh, who is Senior Technical Audio Specialist for Microsoft, will also be present in this panel.

The description of the event states that the audio designers of Borderlands 3 and Gears 5 will be present, with the presentation that also focuses on the close collaboration between Microsoft, Dolby, and various partners who deal with middleware in this area and who have launched a “revolution with spatial audio that transforms any headphones into a multi-dimensional transition towards a new world “, no less.

During the presentation at GDC 2020, therefore, it will be possible to learn more about the ongoing projects on the audio front with Project Acoustics and the “relationship with hardware acceleration present on the new generation Xbox consoles”.

The description of the panel does not exactly mention Xbox Series X but otherwise, it is decidedly clear: the new generation Xbox, therefore presumably Xbox Series X, have a hardware acceleration system dedicated to audio, which could concern a new spatial sound management system carried out directly from the console, which may simply require the use of a pair of headphones to have a significant evolution in terms of sound.

Also on this aspect, therefore, Xbox Series X and PS5 seem quite paired, given that as regards the Sony console, the presence of a 3D audio management hardware system for PS5 has already been confirmed for some time, on which Mark Cerny has particularly focused since he considers it an important element for diving in video games.