Bayonetta 3 Is Going Well, PlatinumGames Will Announce Something Else Next Week


PlatinumGames has an announcement to make for next week, but wanted to reassure everyone who is waiting for Bayonetta 3: development is going well.

In an interview with Famitsu, Hideki Kamya and Atsushi Inaba of PlatinumGames have revealed that in the next issue of the magazine, available from February 27, there will be a new announcement of the study. At the same time, there was also talk of Bayonetta 3, whose development seems to be proceeding well.

Kamya knows that there is a lot of concern around the game, of which virtually nothing has been seen to date, and knows that fans can’t wait to find out. He also revealed that there are hidden surprises in the 2017 trailer, but he didn’t say which ones. The invitation is, therefore, to study that trailer better while awaiting news.

Although it should be clear, we specify that next week’s announcement has nothing to do with Bayonetta 3, which Nintendo will personally take care of. It shouldn’t even be anything related to the ports of Wonderful 101, of which practically everything is known thanks to the Kickstarter campaign. Could it be a new game? Probably, also because the Japanese studio seems to have several things at stake.

It should be noted that Kamiya and Inaba will also be at PAX East 2020 next week, where they will probably provide more details on PlatinumGames’ future moves and the numerous games in the making.