Bebeshita shows her curves in a fitted dress How beautiful!


Daniela Alexis Barceló, better known as the Bebeshita, once again delighted her followers on Instagram, with a fiery photo.

Daniela Alexis Barceló is one of the conductors and celebrities known nationally for participating in the TV program Azteca “Enamorandonos”, where the Bebeshita has had the opportunity to meet several of the “Lovers” who have even asked for appointments to The influencer

Enamorandonos has been that means for La Bebeshita to come to light, since the native of Mexico City, has been present in the entertainment world attending several programs as a public, and it was not until the arrival of Enamorandonos that she found her place as an influencer, having at the moment, more than 2 million followers in her Instagram account.

Daniela “La Bebeshita” delighted her fans on Instagram

The driver and influencer showed herself on Instagram with a fitted blue dress, which brought out her hot silhouette, also held her hair showing a bit of rebellion and madness. The outfit also included a pair of blue stiletto heel shoes and her makeup that gave us little expressiveness and sensuality in the photo.

La Bebeshita received hundreds of likes from her followers who did not hesitate to tell her how beautiful she is.

La Bebeshita has tried to be a singer, and recently she was involved in a controversy, because the famous woman refused to sing live because she “didn’t feel ready”, leaving in evidence that, maybe she doesn’t have the ability to sing, and her Successes have been the product of a good edition.

Daniela Alexis, the star of Romancing not missing know how to sing, as her followers in Instagram really worry that the influencer follows up content to their networks, as they usually upload pictures hot so then, not only with their outfits for the program but also in a swimsuit and underwear.