Becky G’s gesture photographed in the kitchen!


One of the things that make Becky G a different celebrity is that, as her followers know, Inglewood doesn’t forget her origins. Raised a family of the lower middle class in Los Angeles, the singer has been making her way in the music industry thanks to her portentous voice and sensuality.

Success in the scenarios that, of course, has also come hand in hand with economic success. You could say that Becky has fulfilled the American dream. However, not because now her checking account has more zeros than she could ever have imagined, Becky has become a new rich woman who does everything.

Becky G’s photo

And this image is very good proof of that. A photo in which we can see Becky dressed in very comfortable clothes, at home, and waiting for the cookies she has prepared to be made in the oven.

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something’s cooking ?

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An image that demonstrates how, despite having a lot of money, Becky is still a homemade person who likes to continue preparing her cookies. Surely, also taking into account the number of trips you make and your busy schedule, you have hired a cleaning service in your home.

However, it seems that everything related to the kitchen is still in charge. Good for her. Her followers, who adore her precisely for things like these, have not taken long to make very clear in the comments how many they like to see this Becky so natural.