Between numbers 1 and millions of reproductions, Natti Natasha dares with these models

Natti Natasha’s new theme is sweeping. Literally. The new single from the singer of the Dominican Republic is a real tsunami.

It wasn’t until less than a week ago that the girl revealed all the details of her new job. A single in which she collaborates with up to three artists and on which the days before the launch kept her fans awake. She first revealed the title, accompanied by the four initials of the song’s performers. These were NNMM, and considering that she already occupied an N, it remained to discover who the other three were. Something that, as the title of the subject indicates, was slowly.

Slowly sweeps the networks and platforms

Behind the first door was Nicky Jam. And after the second Manuel Turizo. The explosive cocktail was completed by Myke Towers, in what has turned out to be one of the bombs of this 2020.

Natti herself echoed the success through a post posted on her Instagram account. It featured a list of 13 countries in which the issue was being numbered 1 on the lists.

And in the meantime, the video clip is adding views to the rhythm of vertigo. Natasha uploaded it this Monday, and already accumulates more than 4, 6 million views.

Natti Natasha’s most daring model

All this has increased its impact on social networks. At the end of last week, it exceeded 22 million followers, while the accounts of fans dedicated to the celebrity do not stop proliferating. Accounts in which you can find photos like the one we share below, in which Natti Natasha poses with a little model that only she would dare to put on to pose before the camera. Especially the pants, with a grid that shows everything but does not teach anything.

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