Borderlands Becomes a Film, With Eli Roth Directing


Borderlands will become a film, according to what Randy Pitchford himself reported in a message on Twitter then promptly canceled, in which he also announced Eli Roth to direct.

Borderlands will also become a film, apparently, as announced (or perhaps not) by Gearbox Randy Pitchford himself in a ghost message spread on Twitter and then mysteriously disappeared, which also reported an important name like Eli Roth as director.

The production of the Borderlands film, therefore, seems to be an operation of a certain caliber, considering that the director has been called a well-known character in the environment, specializing especially in horror films such as Cabin Fever and the Hostel series but who does not disdain digressions in other genres and atmospheres as demonstrated also by The mystery of the House of Time.

We do not know exactly how to take the information since the message on Twitter seems to have been deleted without leaving a trace, but we can testify to its existence with the image shown below which presents a screenshot of the tweet in question.

The announcement of the Borderlands film was scheduled for February 27 during the PAX East, with a grand presentation inside the Main Theater, therefore it is likely that Pitchford’s tweet came out too early compared to the agreed times and is was therefore removed to avoid problems, but now the damage is done.

We can, therefore, expect an interesting cinematographic adaptation for the Borderlands series, a brand that has further increased its importance in the videogame field with the success of Borderlands 3. As for the latter, we recall the recent release of the Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot expansion, part of an interesting DLC strategy for Borderlands 3 that Gearbox spoke to us exclusively during an interview.