Caught! This is Emma Watson in a bikini if ​​you take away all of Photoshop!


Emma Watson made a name and marked the childhood of many thanks to the saga ‘Harry Potter’. In it, she had a leading role, playing Hermione Granger. Since then, it has appeared in other films, such as ‘Noah’ or ‘The Circle’, but in none has it had the impact it had. Even so, it is still remembered, and, for many, it is a ‘sex symbol’.

However, in the last photos revealed it is not precisely favored. Because, without any Photoshop or effect, its appearance is, at least, worrisome. This is how it is seen on the beach, where it appears with a black bikini, and with its body completely exposed. For many of her followers, the result is disappointing, wherever you look.

For starters, because of the color of her skin, completely pale. S and note that only sees the light of the sun, or is not likely to take it days of beach and summer. Then, following her body, because it appears extremely thin. It is true that its constitution has always been fine, but here it borders the boundaries. Because, as they say, you can’t see curves or attributes.

He has never had a large size of innkeepers, but at least she has always had a good tail. But now, now, not even that. Obviously, rumors about her state of health are the order of the day.

Speculations of all kinds

People began to give ideas on what may be the reason for their extreme thinness. And they range from addictions to depressions …