Chroma Labs Enters Under the Twitter Roof


Known for its Chroma Stories application, Chroma Labs will now continue to work on Twitter.

TwitterChrome Labs, a creative group has added to its structure under the name of employees. The group, which started its work in 2018, soon managed to make its name known through the Chroma Stories application. The application allows users to easily high-quality video stories to create FacebookInstagram and Twitter can be shared across platforms. So you’re good to be ready to see stories on Twitter soon.

While Chroma Labs underlined that they are happy to develop tools that produce millions of stories, they are looking forward to continuing their missions on a larger scale in one of the world’s most important services.

As a result of this merger, the application of Chroma Stories also says goodbye. Those who already have this application on their phone will be able to continue to use, but it is emphasized that great changes will occur with the future iOS update. Although this app was only released for iOS, we can now expect a move for both iOS and Android.