Danna Paola boasts tremendous cleavage at her concert

Danna Paola took advantage of her visit to the country to take several photos at her concert, which brought together more than 24 thousand people.

Danna Paola is one of the most successful Mexican singers of the moment, the interpreter of Mala Fama has positioned herself as one of the most listened to in the different digital platforms, not only in Mexico but also internationally. In fact, it has more than 16 million on Instagram, who are always on the lookout for what happens in their social networks, as well as their new projects or videos.

Danna Paola gave a concert a few days ago in the city of Campeche, where she got more than 24 thousand people gathered just to go listen to her. Danna Paola could not be more grateful to all her followers, who gathered at the place.

Danna Paola showed tremendous cleavage at her concert

The singer took advantage of her concert to show her fiery side, in that sense, she posted on her Instagram account a photograph in which she appears wearing a dress posing concentrated, with all the attendees behind her. The dress was aqua blue, and the neckline in the chest area, let us see her bulky and developed chest, which left her followers in love.

Danna Paola immediately received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments highlighting her beauty, because the interpreter of Sodio is no longer the same girl a few years ago, but now she is a woman, successful and has achieved great things in the music industry.

Danna Paola will be premiering the new season of the Elite series in a few days, where we can see the outcome of this story, and Danna Paola again playing her iconic Lucretia character.

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