Death Stranding, Hideo Kojima Indicates New Content and DLC Coming for 2020?


Death Stranding has something coming up for 2020, Hideo Kojima communicates with a sibylline message from her seasoned with a video, which makes us think of possible DLC or the PC version.

Death Stranding could receive new content and DLC during 2020, at least according to a possible interpretation of a sibylline message published by Hideo Kojima on Twitter, although the game designer’s social communication is not always easily understood and he himself often plays on these mysteries.

Also in this case, the message of Hideo Kojima lends itself to multiple interpretations: the tweet, shown below, only reports “Coming in 2020”, accompanied by a video with a montage of various moments of Death Stranding which however are not unpublished, as part of the main story of the game available on PS4.

The word “Coming 2020” is also repeated in the short video in question, which otherwise shows Sam Bridges struggling with a somewhat distressing situation, under enemy attack. Many think that this could, therefore, mean the next arrival of new content for Death Stranding, considering that some DLCs may have been foreseen by Kojima Productions for the game, although there have been no official announcements in this regard.

The other interpretation, much simpler, is that it is only a reference to the fact that Death Stranding is arriving on the PC during the year. As it has been known for some time, the game is in fact expected to arrive on PC in summer 2020, pending more precise release date.

Since the latter is already consolidated information, the hypothesis that the message regards instead of new unpublished content coming in the course of 2020, in the form of expansions or possible DLC of some kind for Death Stranding, remains obviously more fascinating. All that remains is to await any developments on the matter, keeping an eye on Hideo Kojima’s activity on Twitter. In the meantime, the official art catalog of the game has been made available, which has recently been updated with the 1.10 patch bringing some changes to the contacts with BT.