How to disassemble the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip? Here is the answer!


Galaxy Z Flip, which Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S20 on February 11, continues to be subjected to various tests. Despite the use of ultra-thin glass, this phone was found to be in the classroom in the scratch test.

JerryRigEverything, the first YouTube channel that comes to mind when it comes to endurance testing, has disassembled the Galaxy Z Flip this time. Besides, is it possible for the iFixit team to publish its report for the device, to repair Samsung’s new foldable phone easily? The question was answered from two different sources.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is broken into pieces! 

Wanting to see the durability of Samsung’s flagship against dust, the iFixit team carried out an interesting test. He put the phone in a bag and poured a purple powder, making the powder in the bag spread all over.

The sound of the hinge after the test started to cause the first question marks in mind. When the device was removed, it was seen that the dust was able to enter the interior. In this context, iFixit emphasizes that the components used in the folding process, especially hinges, may wear out in time.

The fact that the team gives 2 points out of 10 for the repair of the device is an important detail that reveals the difficulty.