Jennifer Lawrence returns with ‘Don’t Look Up’, Adam McKay’s new comedy for Netflix


Despite having seen Jennifer Lawrence in ‘ X-Men: Dark Phoenix ‘ last 2019, the last thing we knew about her is that she was taking time away from the shootings. However, this break has the days counted thanks to Adam McKay. The director has chosen the actress for his new film, ‘Don’t Look Up’, a comedy in space that comes from Netflix.

Netflix Film, the film account of the streaming platform, tweeted this Wednesday, February 19 that McKay has a project in hand with them, the comedy ‘Don’t Look Up’, and that it has Lawrence in its cast. The tape will deal with two medium-haired astronomers who will have to warn the rest of humanity about the arrival of an asteroid that threatens to destroy Earth. This would be the second time they work together since the interpreter will also participate in ‘Bad Blood’, another director’s tape.

We assume that Lawrence would play one of the astronomers. The rest of the cast has not been confirmed, but filming would begin in April, being its premiere next year. McKay has published a statement in which he comments how excited he is to work alongside the actress. “She is what people in the 17th century used to call” dynamite. “And the fact that Netflix sees this movie as a global comedy sets the bar high for both me and my team in an exciting and motivating way.

For his part, Scott Stuber, head of the film department of Netflix, has praised the director“Adam always comes at a great moment when it comes to smart, relevant and irreverent tapes that mess with our culture. Even if he manages to predict any form of the death of the Earth, we are delighted to add this to our programming before the end comes

The projects are raining

Both the actress and the director are in luck because it seems that the queue of unemployment will seem very far away. Lawrence has just finished recording a movie, which does not yet have a title, for the A24 production company and has pending participation and producing another, the thriller ‘Mob Girl’. Meanwhile, McKay continues with ‘ Succession ‘, the award-winning HBO series, and is already working on the television adaptation of ‘ Parasites ‘ with Bong Joon-ho.