Jetpack pilot flew like Iron Man, broke a record!


The popular Marvel hero Iron Man is highly loved by many. One of the reasons behind this love is that it has a more realistic power compared to other heroes. Many people may want to fly like Iron Man. On the Dubai Jetpack tip, which was built recently, the Jetpack pilot broke the record for height.

Flying like Iron Man, the pilot was able to reach high speeds in a short time. Although such flights have been carried out before, a first has been achieved due to the elevation reached.

Jetpack pilot broke the height record

The jetpack pilot named Vince Reffet recently took off from the  Skydive Dubai runway. This takeoff also managed to be the first jetpack take off from a flat ground instead of a raised helipad. Reffet, with its carbon fiber flight suit, had an average speed of 241 kilometers and reached 100 meters in eight seconds.

Reaching 200 meters in 12 seconds, 500 meters in 19 seconds and 1000 meters in 30 seconds, Reffet rose to 1800 meters in the final . Later, the pilot lost his altitude and opened his parachute at 1500 meters, and landed on the Skydive Dubai circuit. Controlled by the human body, the jetpack can reach a speed of 400 kilometers per hour.

The dress, which houses 4 mini jet engines of wingsuits, is designed to be easily controlled by hand. Pilot Vince Reffet has made 50 prep flights to make this flight.

Regarding the issue, Reffet said, “We are very happy to have performed this incredible flight. This flight is the result of extremely comprehensive teamwork where every small step produces great results. ” found comments.