Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford, shows her tattoo collection posing topless


Kaia Gerber turned to her Instagram account to share a selfie of her in front of the mirror in which she poses without a shirt or bra to show the delicate designs she has at the level of the ribs, on the shoulder, on the elbow, on the forearm, on the wrist and upper back.

It is striking that she chose just this moment to do so, a week after her older brother Presley became the target of endless criticism and teasing on social networks for tattooing the word ‘misunderstood’ – misunderstood, in Spanish- on the right cheek.

Although it is obvious that she is not the only one in her family who has tattoos, she is certainly the most striking, since Kaia has opted for smaller prints – like letters, numbers or the face of an angel – that It can easily hide if necessary when parading the runways.

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Cindy Crawford’s daughter sat for the first time in the tattooist’s chair before even turning 18 to record her middle name, Jordan, on the back of her arm and it is obvious that since then she has become fond of as fast as Presley to decorate your anatomy with ink.