Karol G advances the summer: One of the bikinis models of the season!


As expected to see the one that messed up on the networks with Karol G and the ostentatious birthday gift she received, the Colombian singer’s searches on the networks have skyrocketed.

And, if it is already very common for his name to be the most sought after, after becoming viral the moment in which his partner Anuel AA gives him a Rolls Royce, the one in Medellín is beating him.

And it has been in that search in the networks where his followers have encountered a video that has left more than one with his mouth open. Among other things because it appears Karol G posing with a sensual bikini in a pool.

Karol G’s bikini

A bikini that, stops many, watching the success of the video, will become one of the garments of this summer. While it is true, as many of his followers point out, that the singer does not have a “perfect body”, it is also true that her “more real” figure wins every day that passes more applause.

She, who is more than proud of her curves, does nothing but brag about them whenever she can. And in this case, she has done it with a ‘boomerang’ type video in which we see which model in the pool.

The result? A total success in social networks, where comments, as expected, have skyrocketed. Comments like “She is the queen”, “You don’t have to be perfect to be sensual”, “I love this woman”, “She looks great” or ” Every day that passes Karol G I like more ” and fly through the net next to The publication in question.

We will see if, in the coming months, Karol G continues to bet on bikinis as sensual as this one, which, of course, will set a trend for next summer.