Kendall Jenner poses without the top or the bottom! Her latest photos

Kendall Jenner has left everyone in pictures with her latest photoshoot for Garage magazine, in which she appears with nothing from the waist up and out of a wall that does not allow him to see her from the waist down.

The images are the most curious since we see the American model among other things with very long hair and just an open jacket or another photo in which it appears hanging from the ceiling.

The surreal photo session is being very well received on Instagram where the two publications have almost 3 million likes one and almost 4 million the other.

Click Here To See The Instagram Post

Click Here To See The Instagram Post

Highly commended

The photoshoot has been a great success and we have seen how several celebrities have interacted with her as Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber or, of course, her stepsister Khloé Kardashian who continues to comment on almost all the photos of the family (except for the from Kylie Jenner …).

Interestingly, the images that the magazine has published on its Instagram account have not had any kind of interaction from celebrities.

A very expensive promotion

It is estimated that Garage magazine has cost a million dollars the two posts on her Instagram account that Kendall Jenner has published. A madness that does not seem to have had as much return as they expected.

And is that the United States model is one of the people who charge the most per post, averaging about 500,000 per publication. Almost nothing.

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