Look at her nose! Georgina Rodríguez before going through the plastic surgeon

Georgina Rodríguez is not as natural as she seems and says. Because, although she states that her beauty is standard, everything comes to light, and the reality is very different. And they have hunted and surprised with old photos, when I was a teenager, and in which it does not come out very well. In this way, it is confirmed what many suspected: it has passed through the workshop and several times.

A source close to Argentina, in addition, gives more details about each of its steps through the operating room. Increase of innkeepers, increase of the thickness of the lips and, especially, where it has put more emphasis, in the rhinoplasty. That is, in perfecting the shape of her nose, which, as they say, has been her great obsession and her greatest complex. Something she fixed in 2016.

Shortly before meeting Cristiano Ronaldo, she underwent an intervention to reduce her size. And she should not have left too happy with the result, because she repeated again a short time later. Everything, to keep the result it has today. Undoubtedly, there is a huge difference, as we see, because in the image it has nothing to do with what it is today.

‘Gio’ appears unrecognizable, with a very large nose. It is understood, then, perfectly her obsession and her intention to change the form. What is criticized is that she has hidden it for so long, and has not dared to tell it.

Destructive comments

People, of course, were amazed to see the change and did not hesitate to make fun of Rodriguez. Many, disappointed to have been deceived.