Netflix: ANIME Series that arrive in March 2020 The most awaited!


The anime world continues to grow on Netflix, as there have been several productions in conjunction with the platform, as well as more title licenses for the month of March and here we leave you the complete list.

Netflix loved Japanese animation, known worldwide as “anime” and is a unique style that has only grown since its debut in the ’60s. What made streaming platform decided to pay more attention, due to high demand and future competition with HBO MAX, AppleTV and Prime Video.

Since February, several of the most anticipated anime titles have already premiered on Netflix. Being 7 of the 21 films of Studio Ghibli that are already available in its catalog and now the second phase of three to come, it will add another 6 of its films from the first of March.

New Studio Ghibli movies

If you were hoping to see Studio Ghibli movies on the HBO MAX platform, the giant Netflix got ahead of this task and got a license so you can enjoy these animated hits without restrictions and with a wide variety of the most successful of the studio Japanese animation.

The complete list of the 6 Studio Ghibli films that arrive from March 1:

-The Spirited Away

-Princess Mononoke

-The Story of Princess Kaguya

-Arrietty and the World of Tiny

-Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

-My Neighbors the Yamada

“The Trip of Chihiro” of Studio Ghibli by director Hayao Miyazaki, was nominated for an Oscar, resulting in one of the most anticipated films this season, along with another popular title of the acclaimed Japanese director, being “Princess Mononoke.”

The new anime on Netflix

Other films and anime series that have surprised for the month of March, are undoubtedly the third season of “Castlevania”, like “Sol Levante” as the first anime created in 4K HDR through the collaboration of Production IG and Netflix. A title is known as one of the biggest bets in animation and that aims to innovate in this art.

These are the other anime series that arrive in March:

March 5th

Castlevania – Season 3  

23 of March

Rising sun  

March 26th

7Seeds – Part 2