Post Coronavirus: smart mask from Xiaomi


An important patent application came from the technology giant Xiaomi for Coronavirus, which is one of the important agendas of the world, started in Wuhan, China and spread to dozens of countries. As you know, the demand for the mask increased significantly after the epidemic. Many brands started selling masks and turned the crisis into opportunities. The Chinese technology giant Xiaomi, which is confronted with the diversity of its product range, made a smart mask move that will be evaluated at this point. What is Xiaomi aiming with the smart mask?

Coronavirus followed by Xiaomi with a smart mask

Although Xiaomi already sells masks in China, it turned out that with the new patent application, it has developed a new mask system that includes smart sensors. With the Xiaomi Youpin F95, which was developed for children in early February, the company showed that it was working in this area.

In the explanation of the patent for the smart mask, it is stated that the mask has a processor. In this way, a special calculation unit will be used to calculate all the data collected through the sensors in the product.

The data collected in the mask with the storage module is stored. Thanks to the connection module, it can be transferred to other devices. Apart from all these, external batteries that power the standard air filter seem to be included in this mask.

It is also stated that a sensor, such as an accelerometer, that will determine whether the user is moving or in a fixed position, will be located in the smart mask.

Sensors in Xiaomi’s smart mask will record data such as the mask’s lifetime, pollution absorption, breath volume, breath counts. Thus, the final status of the mask can be followed by the mask.

Of course, the ingenuities of the smart mask will not be limited to these. The mask is also said to provide information about the weather and air quality in the city where users are located and display this data in real-time via the mobile app.

It is also stated that the smart mask can detect breaths that appear outside of potential breathing and suggest a healthier breathing method. However, it should not be forgotten that this is only a patent application, because such patent products of the company may not always reach the end-user.