Samsung Accidentally Sent Notifications To Users


Samsung, one of the leading phone manufacturers, has been on the agenda with the notification to its users. The company, which introduced the Galaxy S20 family and Galaxy Z Flip in the past few days, sent notifications to its users through “ Find My Mobile ”.

Before OnePlus 7 Pro users also received an accidental notification and became the agenda. On the Samsung front, however, not only a model but a wide mass notification was sent.

Samsung accidentally sent notifications to its users

Sending false notification to Samsung has been seen in many countries of the world. The magnitude of the event was seen when the users showed the notification to each other. Many devices, including devices until the ” Find My Mobile ” application of ” 1 ” came the notification with the message.

Just writing ” 1 ” in the notification did not go unnoticed. The reason why the notification was sent was also a matter of curiosity. However, it was later revealed that the notification was sent by mistake.

The Find My Mobile app is an app that makes it easy for users to find their device when Samsung devices are stolen or lost. With the application in both Android and Samsung itself, the location of the lost phone can be tracked with instant location information. In addition, the phone can be locked remotely or the bell can ring. For this reason, users are recommended to use this application.

Samsung has not made an official statement for the notification.