Unshaven! Lady Gaga wears it with hair: Photo in a swimsuit! Attention


Some images of Lady Gaga in a swimsuit are running like gunpowder online for a few days. They show the American singer dyed blond and with a spectacular pink bikini.

However, beyond the stylized of her figure or the brutal swimsuit of the artist in New York, what seems to impact her followers more is that she does not wear the armpits.

And is that the singer is seen with enough hair in the armpits, something that has already shown on occasion, and has raised a lot of stir.

New love

The life of the singer changes rapidly. A year ago she broke up with her fiance Cristian Carino and now took advantage of the Super Bowl to introduce her new boyfriend, tech entrepreneur Michael Polansky.

A few days ago we talked about him and the problems it had meant for a comic very similar to him that photos of the businessman appeared kissing with the New York artist, but who is really Michael Polansky?

The Harvard Millionaire

A graduate of Harvard, Michael Polansky is dedicated to creating companies and charities to one of the founders of the social network Facebook, Sean Parker, something that has made him a very rich person.

In fact, it is estimated that its assets already exceed 2000 million dollars despite being only 40 years old. In addition, it seems that she wants to make a better world since she created an institute against cancer that is one of the most advanced in the world.