Doom, The Photorealistic Graphic Mod Adds Ray Tracing To Bethesda Masterpiece


The DOOM 2016 Photorealistic Graphic Mod adds Ray Tracing to Bethesda’s masterpiece. Let’s watch it in action in this movie.

The DOOM 2016 Photorealistic Graphic Mod adds ray tracing to Bethesda’s masterpiece. Let’s watch it in action in 4K and 30 frames per second in this movie.

This way of DOOM was created by Giulio alias MassiHancer. His goal was to achieve the same quality shown in the 2015 E3 video. According to Giulio, that build was significantly superior to the final game. For this reason, he put his hand on the level: “The Foundry”, that is the one shown in the presentation video of E3 2015.

To achieve the desired result he worked with the program ” Reshade” with combinations of effects and tone maps and on lighting, with the addition of cinematographic effects, including Soft-shadows, volumetric smoke and Color Grading. He also added the brand new” RT Shader “Beta by Pascal Glitcher.

With these tools, Giulio managed to recreate the effect of “Global illumination” and realistic reflections by bringing the game to the limit of the graphic possibilities for a single RTX 2080 TI card, the one used as a benchmark to run the game.

All the elements of the game were improved, starting from the lighting, the reflections on the surfaces, the volumetric smoke, particle effects, the Color Grading up to the Blur and the dynamic DOF.

MassiHancer could have push the graphics and lighting further, but the hardware power would not have been enough to keep the 30 fps stable in 4K. Maybe once the RT Shaders come out of the Beta phase they can guarantee better performance.

At the moment all this always runs above 30 stable fps in real-time in 4K with a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti without aliasing.

What do you think? Did you do a good job?