Dragon Ball Super, chapter 57 of the manga is now available


Chapter 57 of the Dragon Ball Super manga is officially available: here’s how to read it online, for free and legally.

Chapter 57 of the manga of Dragon Ball Super, in the time of this writing, is officially available. Fans of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro’s work will finally know the continuation of the story, which is currently focusing on Planet Earth. So let’s see all the useful details, for your readers.

First, let’s see how to read chapter 57 of the manga of Dragon Ball Super: You can do it online for free and legally on Manga Plus website(find the link in the Source field of this article). If you prefer the hard copy, you must either go to Japan or wait for the publication of the Italian volume, which will however only take place in the near future.

Regarding the contents of chapter 57 of the Dragon Ball Super manga, without incurring excessive spoilers, we only warn you that the clash between Z Warriors and Moro henchmen continues with great tension, between ups and downs. Historical fans of the Toriyama franchise will find a lot of interesting material, however: and reading it you will understand why.