Attention! Jennifer Lopez goes out to act with a mini skirt and you see this!


Jennifer Lopez and Shakira triumphed in the Super Bowl. The American football final with the most Latin air. Although some criticized them, most people cheered their performance. In fact, the videos have millions of views and they continue to give much to talk on social networks. 

It’s been almost three weeks, but thanks to the Tik Tok app, their songs and dances are still giving a lot to talk about. First, it was Shakira who launched the challenge of her famous Champeta. The young woman has been posting some videos of her followers on her Instagram account. Now it has been Jennifer Lopez who has created her challenge. Would you dare to imitate her steps on the night of Hard Rock Stadium? 

There are many followers of the Bronx diva who have already tried and some are not bad at all. There are many surprises. Jlo is being impressed. What Jennifer Lopez did is not easy. To all this, we must add that it always goes with very tight looks and that it is already 50 years old, but it moves like nobody else. 

Jennifer López’s challenge is called JLoTikTokChallenge. The fashion application consists of recording 15-second videos, usually of music, although there are already many users who are making viral jokes or somewhat more dangerous challenges. Jennifer López’s challenge is to imitate one of her dance steps in the Super Bowl. The song that starts playing at that moment is  My people by J. Balvin, who also breaks into the scene to accompany JLo in her performance. The theme is mixed with the song that the singer released more than 20 years ago,  Love doesn’t cost a thing.

“Twitter: 25 seconds of dancing and perfect clothes. Reality: 3 weeks, you take infinite, and take my husband’s screams for making him late for each of our appointments until I had the perfect shot. I hope JLo approves it, ”this girl wrote in her message. Luckily, this time Jennifer Lopez has not suffered any carelessness.