Bikini slingshot! Jennifer Lopez chooses the smallest and puts it on!


Jennifer López continues to show that she is in a great moment despite having already passed 50 years. And with one of her latest photos in a thread bikini, she has shown that her physique has nothing to envy any young celebrity.

And also curious is her UK swimsuit worthy of the Spice Girls. An image that will stay in the retina of many people.

The comments could not be better for the New York singer, who does not stop receiving flattery for her image with that tiny outfit.

Ben Affleck won’t go to his wedding

It seems that this year there will be the wedding ceremony between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez and the media have taken the opportunity to ask their former Ben Affleck if he was going to insist.

The American actor and director replied silently: “I like Jennifer Lopez very much, it is a very good thing for me to see that she has this thing she wants and seems to be very happy,” she said and at the insistence of the journalist simply said: ” Good luck!”.

The day she made a triathlon

Recently Jennifer Lopez decided to talk about how in 2008 she performed a triathlon in Malibu in 2 hours, 23 minutes and 28 seconds.

This was explained by the singer: ‘She had run a 10K when she was 12, but there was never anything like a triathlon. On the morning of the race, when I was standing there surrounded by a thousand paparazzi, about to jump into the ocean, I realized that it probably wasn’t. It’s the best idea I had.’