GT Sport, 2020 updates will be “limited in frequency and content”


Speaking of the new GT Sport update Kaz Yamauchi said that in 2020 “limited in frequency and content” updates will arrive.

Speaking of the new update of GT Sport Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the series, said that in 2020 updates will arrive “limited in frequency and content”.

After two years of constant and consistent updatesGT Sport ‘s support is starting to slow down. The man in the Kazunori Yamauchi series announced it on Twitter, but fans had begun to understand it on their own. In fact, in January, a patch was not published for the first time.

This month, moreover, there will be an update, but will add “only” three machines to the exclusive PlayStation 4. “The update will arrive next week. This year’s updates will be modest in frequency and volume,” with this message Yamauchi announces the slowdown of support on Twitter. On the other hand, Polyphony Digital has to start dedicating his attention to the next chapter and Yamauchi has a rather ambitious goal: Gran Turismo on PS5 aims at 120 or 240 fps.

Although Yamauchi has not officially announced the three cars that will be added with the update next week, fans have managed to trace the three models. These are the Aston Martin DBR9, the new model of FIAT 500 and the Nissan 180SX.

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