Jennifer Aniston’s dog bites her shorter skirt and it looks like this!


Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston, 51, looks splendid. The thing that could be expected after being named for her haircut as “The best hair in the United States” by Rolling Stone magazine.

She was also recognized as «The most beautiful woman in the world» by People magazine twice, the most recent in 2016 When she was 47 years old!

Jennifer always causes a sensation, the public loves her and at the same time admires her for her personality and what she has achieved in her years as an actress, producer, and director. She is determined to continue setting trends with each project she carries out. 

This time, a photo came out that would impress the world. Aniston appears with a beige pleated dress, which in truth is not much appreciated for the pose in which it is. Next to it is a tiny dog ​​that pulls a crease from the skirt of her dress. However, the actress seems not to flinch, she shows an adorable smile and her clear eyes full of joy. 

Jennifer Aniston returns with Friends 

One of the series that obtained more successes in the decade of the 90’s, was the takeoff in the career of the American actress and where she would meet some of her greatest friends, it is Friends. Even in 2020, it cannot be overcome, because it has spread throughout all generations. From youth to adults, it is a work that captivates viewers.

In October 2019, when our dear Rachel decided to join the Instagram social network, she posted a photo with all her colleagues and rumors of a possible collaboration or meeting to continue the program would begin.

This year the dream of many was fulfilled because Jennifer Aniston revealed on her Instagram an old photograph where everyone appears and the description was “It’s happening.” Through HBO Max, possibly in May, this great special is given that has the world happy and with high expectations. The break is finally over!