Kylie Jenner shows her yarn bikini at sea


The socialite Kylie Jenner has it all. Being the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner, she has passed her family a lot. The whole world knows her and follows in her footsteps, no matter if you are not a Kardashian fan, it is certain that you have heard of them and at some point in your life you will have seen her controversial photos. 

Kylie is a fan of perfection, first, her entire body looks fabulous. Her photographs and projects are extremely careful, crafted with cunning and skill. She arrived to mark a before and after in the 21st century.

Everyone wants to be like her, wear what she is wearing, listen to the music she likes, buy all her products, in conclusion, the businesswoman has built her career in the smartest way possible. 

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baecation ??

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We assume that leading an empire, looking spectacular, being a millionaire and successful, sometimes it is exhausting, in that sense, going on vacation is the perfect news for this diva that works so hard.

So that the faithful did not distance themselves from their path, she published a glimpse of the vacations she enjoyed at sea. With her hair gathered and wet, huge earrings and a tiny leopard bikini, Jenner had a great time. 

Kylie Jenner and Stormi World

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go best friend ?

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We know that Kylie loves being a mother and that her love for Stormi is immeasurable, literally. For the second birthday of the most famous infant, she has decided to create a world for her, all from the face of the honoree, who welcomed him to what would be the most extraordinary children’s party. There were different spaces inspired by the most popular children’s films of the moment, such as Frozen. 

On the other hand, there were collections of makeup products for the celebration of the second birthday, the name was Stormi x Kylie, inspired by the infant’s favorite tones and their own choices.

Being such an acclaimed project, the designer decided to create a fashion brand to continue the great run. However, it could not be possible, because the name was already in use. Can this stop Kylie Jenner? We will see it soon.