Scarlett Johansson shaving in the kitchen! Eye to photo


Scarlett Johansson is an unpredictable person, generally surprising the public with her talent, her way of being so spontaneous and cunning to act in certain situations. The least expected was that the actress decided to shave in the kitchen, this time she surpassed herself in creativity. 

There is no reason to follow a regulation to act at home, everyone behaves as they please and if they want, crazy things are done. This time, Scarlett shows us what she usually does. 

This is a photo in which she appears with messy blond hair. Dressed in white flannel and red shorts, she sits on the counter next to the kitchen dishwasher. The most important thing is that her leg is covered with foam and she has a razor in her hand, she is shaving! 

And who shaves in the kitchen? Well, you know. The best thing is that it has a carefree look that makes you think how normal it is. And it should be noted that her white legs look impressive, her skin appears to be porcelain and the photograph has plenty of originality.

Scarlett Johansson advances and triumphs

With 35 years is more fabulous than ever, currently, her projects for the cinema have had it under the eye of public opinion. It is possible that people of all ages are aware of the moments that are taking place in the life of this artist. 

Despite having gone through difficult times in recent years, such as the suffered separation with her ex-partner and subsequent fight for the custody of Rose DorothyScarlett Johansson is at the best moment of her career. It has the best comments from film critics, a new marriage commitment and a splendid appearance. It is on the cusp right now and it would not surprise anyone that these years the success continues with individual awards. From misfortune, genius was reborn.