Ariana Grande takes everything away and teaches it without shaving! Eye to photo


To Ariana Grande, the usual thing is to see her very makeup and with a very long ponytail, however, the singer has wanted to show her fans how she is without any makeup and also without shaved eyebrows, something that has surprised all her followers.

And is that the American artist posted a photo of him on Twitter in which she looked more natural than ever, although she has not finished convincing her die-hard ones.

Above all, the thing about unwaxed eyebrows has generated a lot of confusion among her followers, who seem to want to see better the flirtatious Ariana Grande who puts on her makeup and shaves her eyebrows.

This 2020 has started quite well for Ariana Grande, who has been able to fulfill one of her childhood dreams: meet Canadian humorist Jim Carrey.

And not only has she known him, but she has worked with him since the American singer appeared in the series ‘Kidding’ that starred Jim Carrey since 2018 and is a critical success. Ariana Grande has been a participant in one of the episodes of the second season of the serial.

An important message

In addition, Ariana Grande took advantage of her presence in the series to send a message that is reflected in the argument of the series and that she believes is going like a ring to her life.

The message read: “Maybe getting up again is for those who have fallen.” Showing that she, like the protagonist of the series that plays Jim Carrey, believes they have not fallen as much as people tell them.