Camila Cabello and the dress of the three million likes


The music industry has found a reference in Camila Cabello. And, the Cuban singer has left her time behind as a member of the Fifth Armony group and has started a solo career.

A race that, as its recent successes show and, above all, its number of followers on Instagram, is more than promising.

And today Instagram has become a more than efficient way to assess the success or not of a singer. In this sense, the almost 48 million followers that Camila accumulates show that Cuba is not exactly in passing.

Among other things because, as is the case with others such as Becky G or Karol G, Cabello has managed to make aesthetics and her figure very good weapons to conquer followers daily.

Camila Cabello’s dress

It is in the networks where we can see that the most sensual side of a Camila that, thanks also to her relationship with Shawn Mendes, is living her best time as a singer and as a celebrity.

And Instagram is a very good dissemination platform. And more if we take into account that it is there where the singer usually hangs photos and videos wearing her best clothes. Models like the one we see below in which the artist leaves very, very little to the imagination.

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A very daring dress that has caused the publication has accumulated neither more nor less than almost 3 million likes. And, as expected, comments have skyrocketed. “How sensual is this woman”, “One of your best dresses”, “There is no one more beautiful than Camila Cabello”, “I love her style”, “Beautiful” or ” Something is so much” are just a few How many of the many comments on this line. Comments that show that the success of the Cuban goes beyond her portentous voice.